What is the length of the program?

The program length is 90 days but could be longer if the individual is progressing in a therapeutic manner.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is billed daily but offers a prompt pay discount. The cost may be reduced as well for those fortunate to have qualifying insurance.

Is there an application or admission fee?

There is a one-time admissions fee of $1500 that includes an educational series credit and enrollment into the program.

What if there is hesitation or resistance by the young adult to enroll?

To make this step it is often challenging and it may test the individual's personal beliefs and limits. What is most important is that every member of the treatment team and every member of the individuals family remain united in their help and recovery. We only fail when we each do our own thing and do not require the individual to change. This may mean providing them with daily care but not providing them with an outlet to destroy their life or throw away their dreams if they so chose.

Where is this program located?

Individuals from all over the world come to participate in our unique programs. This program is ideally located in southern Utah at the foot of Zion National park  just a short drive outside of Las Vegas.

As we know, the children in our family are part of the greatest moments as well as the hardest challenges in life. Our therapists have been selected because they relate to individuals of this age group. They enjoy helping impact their future in a therapeutic way.

Our Therapists assist in the following services: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Equine Therapy and others are some of the ways we assist these youth.


Our Testimonials

Jonthan A.  San Francisco Area, Ca  

My experience ....is so crazy I came into this program unwillingly and left so passionate about it. There is no other place that will show you how to be happy how to have a wonderlife, I was taught on to have communication with my parents and family they taught me on to control my anger, they helped me with issues I didn’t even know about such as lying and begin entiled. Group therapy was awesome the conversation got so deep and everyone participated witch made way more awesome. Coming into ..... I had nothing but bad things to say but when the mentors..., helped me realize that I was going down a wrong path a life a pathway that not even myself would want to take (now at least) it changed my life. I graduated high school and came back to help my father with his tree service business and I’m planning to join the army. If it wasn’t for these people I would be dead or in jail they turned my life into something that I love and want to do productive and healthy things. I appreciate carevoy to the fullest and will forever thank them trust me when I tell you take advantage of the time you there because at first I didn’t and now regret it.

Alon F.  New York, NY

This place changed my life. It can change your kid’s life too. Scary decision, amazing outcome. Best 3 months of my life!

Bernardo A.  Los Angelos, Ca

A few months back I felt like I was losing my son to drugs. His schooling wasn’t doing so well either and I was worried. My wife called many places but We werent convinced, as soon as we called this program I instantly knew this was it. Not only that but seeing pictures of the place and seeing how beautiful of a place it is was a plus. So we drive out from L.A. too check the place out and instantly when I talked to staff, I knew they were good reliable people, I was skeptical at first like any other parent would be about leaving their kid somewhere but I had no other choice. The residence was beautiful everything about it the scenery, the gym, and the houses. Four months later my son is better than ever, he finished school, and has a better and more vibrant energy. I can’t thank these people enough! I highly recommend this place for anyone having trouble with their kid.