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Young Adult Mentored Living

We know that in many situations, even though a teenager has become a legal adult in society, they may not possess all the skills to venture through adulthood safely. This age range, specifically, is subject to higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and other challenges. Our mentored living program is a therapeutically based program that assists these individuals by teaching them the skills required to overcome these challenges. This program bridges the gap between leaving home and living independently in a college or a transitional setting.

Our program is remotely located amongst private hidden dessert lakes at the footsteps of Zion National Park in Utah. This environment provides our students a visual, serene landscape with tree-covered pathways, running rivers, streams, and waterfalls giving us the opportunity to be secluded from busy day to day life. This unique setting allows the student to focus on the most important aspects of their growth and re-prioritize their life. This location is ideal in that many of the protections of the home setting still exist, however, the student is still expected to operate as an independent person. These students will also have the opportunity to receive valuable work experience in a controlled environment performing a variety of skills to help build their future resumes. Based on the individual needs of the student, we will determine if they are in need of a more mentored approach or a simple daily mentored living arrangement.

Program FAQ

What is the length of the program?


The program length is 90 days but could be longer if the individual is progressing in a therapeutic manner.

What is the cost of the program?


The cost of the program is billed daily but offers a prompt pay discount. The cost may be reduced as well for those fortunate to have qualifying insurance.

Is there an application or admission fee?


There is a one-time admissions fee of $1500 that includes an educational series credit and enrollment into the program.

What if there is hesitation or resistance by the young adult to enroll?


To make this step it is often challenging and it may test the individual's personal beliefs and limits. What is most important is that every member of the treatment team and every member of the individuals family remain united in their help and recovery. We only fail when we each do our own thing and do not require the individual to change. This may mean providing them with daily care but not providing them with an outlet to destroy their life or throw away their dreams if they so chose.

Where is this program located?


While we are located in Toquerville, Utah, individuals from all over the world come to participate in our unique programs. This program is ideally situated in southern Utah at the foot of Zion National park just a short drive outside of Las Vegas.

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