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The Soulegria Model

We help young people with our proprietary Soulegria Model which identifies 7 areas of success in order to live a balanced life. We call our these areas our P.R.O.M.I.S.E. principles. These principles help young leaders of today ensure they are prepared to take on the challenges of the world by evaluating each of the areas in their life and how they affect finding true happiness and contentment in life. Some of the ways this model is demonstrated in our program include:

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  • (P)hysical is learning how to prepare a balanced meal, participating in a weekly exercise routine. Understanding the need for personal hygiene and etiquette.

  • (R)elationships is learning how to communicate with others being more confident in attracting the people you want in your life and building others up.

  • (O)pportunity is learning how to create a proper balance of ones time in work and play, making your money last and grow while you grow. Making smart decisions concerning debt and investments. Employment vs Entrepreneurship. Risks rewards of your choices

  • (M)ental is finding a purpose to learn. Building your self up to have a healthy confidence level for life and relationships.

  • (I)ntimacy is learning how to attract meaningful relationships. Understanding the importance of living a life with those who have value in the love that you show.

  • (S)pirituality is finding purpose in life through exploring various spiritual learning. Assist in the community in service and giving .

  • (E)motional is discovering a balance in overcoming one's self and seeking help when life presents challenges greater than where you currently are. Dive into self-limiting beliefs, fears and sources of pain. Discovering the individual opportunities available for you if you had no limitations.

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School, society, family, and relationships place a lot of pressure on young adults which can leave them feeling unprepared to face the world. This often leads to depression, trauma, attachment, adoption, anxiety, poor family relationships, addiction, bullying, limit setting, and low self worth.

We specialize in individuals experiencing these challenges. As vital partners with SLR, we use CareVoy Family Intervention and Therapeutic Services’ Day Treatment & Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). CareVoy is a licensed mental health treatment provider and provides top-notch care for it’s students.

Each student has an individual treatment plan which identifies key areas where the student appears to be struggling in life. For students that are struggling to finish high school, we have tutors that will assist, as needed, to ensure their education is accomplished in an often expedited program. Our educational platform is regionally and nationally accredited with AdvancEd.

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